A Few Words About Me

For those who want more than just a CV and a portfolio

I think writing should paint a picture with clear and concise language. I try not to waste a single word. This helps to hold the attention of my audience and makes for a more pleasant reading experience. I’ve put a great deal of time into my education on writing, so I know all the rules. And I’m a fan of writers like Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy, so I’m also very comfortable breaking the rules when the time is right.

I live in Las Vegas with my future wife, a collection of guitars, and a backyard full of hummingbirds. I enjoy hiking, wildlife photography, poker (I’m actually a world champion), and reading a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction.

Freelance Writing

From fiction to technical writing and SEO content, I’m happy to create something just for you

While I wear a number of hats related to content creation, writing is the most fun. I have written¬† science fiction, fantasy, comedy, SEO text, sales copy, and technical writing. I’ve also written hundreds of thousands of words about poker including two books on the subject.

The strongest bits of my skill with the written word are attention to detail, a concise writing style, and my ability to create content quickly. I deliver copy that is ready to print and I do it fast.

Writing CV

Editing and Proofreading

With an eye for development, readability, and detail, I can make your work shine

No matter the subject, details are important. A single awkward sentence can take a reader out of your story and diminish an otherwise excellent work. A minor punctuation mishap can make your product or website seem unprofessional. Sometimes changing just a word or two can change “This has potential” into “This is wonderful, I’m buying it!”

I hold an editing certificate from the American Copy Editors Society and am comfortable with Chicago and AP styles. If your organization has a style sheet, I’m comfortable adapting to your standards as well.

My editing work has included multiple books, anthologies, novels from best-selling authors, magazine articles, web content, personal letters, and even resumes and curriculum vitae.

I am comfortable with developmental editing and working with plot and characterization in fiction, starting with the very heart of the story. I can also do a final proof read to look for errors that other eyes may have missed. Your copy will be returned ready to publish in both redlined and fully corrected versions.

Editing CV