Fairy Tales

While parts of this book are risque’, the stories are also charming and filled with wonder. This cover helps the reader get a feel for what they will experience in the book as well as comparing favorably with other top sellers in the genre. 

Book Club Fiction

This emerging genre fascinates me, so I designed a sample cover for it. I like the cover enough that now I want to read a book that doesn’t exist! 

Perhaps I should write it some day. With a different title of course. I’ll need to come up with something that fits the cover, like Words In The Clouds or The Storm Inside. 

A Mystery Indeed

The cover for a mystery novel must have some mystery itself. Dark patches in the photo, a mysterious look on the man’s face, and an indeterminate setting, all contribute to the intrigue. 


True Crime

This type of cover also works for the true crime genre, though a photo of the crime scene or one of the settings from the story would work better than this man in his snappy hat.

Poker book cover

My Poker Book

I designed the cover for my own book by researching the best sellers in the genre and which photos were popular with poker players. A hooded sweatshirt is associated with professional players, so that was an easy choice.


There Are Rules?

A friend wrote this book under the pseudonym Jack Spade. I helped edit it and also designed the cover for him.

A cheeky photo that just hints at what the book is about, without being obscene, overtly sexual, or too cheesy, helps this cover grab the attention of potential readers. 


I really enjoy designing book covers. Feel free to contact me about creating a cover for your work that catches the interest of your reader and showcases the content of your work.