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A Clear Path

From genre guides to essential skills to articles and videos on every part of the process—the craft of writing, the business of publishing, and the art of publicity—Written Well provides you a clear path to self-publishing success.

A System

Lots of systems, actually. Most sites try to teach you the One Way to make a living writing, ignoring the ways genre, author type, budget, skill and many other factors change the path each writer needs to take to be successful. We cover all the genres. All the authors. All the paths to success.

A Community

But Written Well is more than just a guide to making a living as a writer. It’s a community of authors all working toward the same goal of self-publishing success. With our team of experts beside them the whole way.


Why Written Well?

We’re so glad you asked, because we love to talk about what we do here. Our goal is to help aspiring authors navigate the world of self-publishing. To achieve that goal, we offer the information authors need in a complete step-by-step process that is organized and easy to understand. We have everything a self-published author needs to know, all compiled by people who make a living writing.

Our Team

Adam Stemple

Genre: Fantasy ~ Specialty: Craft

Adam is an award-winning author of nine traditionally published novels and six self-published ones. He has also sold two picture books, three graphic novels, 20+ short stories, five poems, and self-published a series on writing his favorite genre, How to Write Fantasy Novels.

Chris Wallace

Genre: Nonfiction ~ Specialty: Analytics

Chris is a poker champion with a number of bestselling self-published books on the subject, as well as many other fiction books out in the world. His insights into the numbers side of self-publishing are unmatched, honed as they are by years of doing statistical analysis on poker hands where thousands of dollars rode on the outcome,

Blaze Ward

Genre: Science Fiction ~ Specialty: Business

Blaze is a full-time independent author who recently released his 100th book. He knows the business inside and out as a writer, an editor, and a publisher of anthologies and magazines such as Blaze Ward Presents… and Boundary Shock Quarterly.

Example Articles

Take a look at some of the writing we do inside. Or check out our Genre Guides and Essentials.

Know What You Want

Why do you want to sell your book? Is it to make money? Or is it to be validated as an author? (Hint: there is no wrong answer.)…

Our Mission

Written Well is the premiere site for real information on how to make a living as a writer. We map out the path to success in self-publishing in multiple ways—by genre, by author type, by words a day—insuring that all of our members have a good plan for becoming a successful writer.

But we’re more than just a repository of information; we’re a community of writers all working toward the same goal. While our genre guides and courses are invaluable, it’s our forums that are the heart of the site. Real authors at every stage of their journey, sharing their wins and losses and giving each other advice and encouragement to keep moving forward.


Got questions about the site, our process, or how to become a member? Send them our way. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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