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Genre Guides

Erotica Story Builder

For this exercise, you should have a document open where you can write. Now copy the text in the box and paste it into that document. This will be the blueprint for your story. You’ll fill it in as you go through the exercise and end up with a basic outline for your erotica story. The good news is that no matter how formulaic you are, if your scenes are hot, many readers will read everything you have for sale once they discover your first story.

Erotica Blueprint

Please note that there are a number of erotica stories that don’t follow this blueprint exactly, and most don’t follow it perfectly. If your story will still be thrilling and sexy for readers without one of these pieces, or with some of them done differently or in a different order, feel free to do your own thing. This blueprint is just so that you can understand the basic format that your readers will expect from the genre. 

LitRpg Study Materials

If you want to write in a genre, you have to read that genre. Experts in the industry are consistent with their advice that you must be an avid reader of a genre to write well in it. There are only two books here, as I have not read widely in this genre.

With so few books here, it is incredibly important for you to do your own research. Search for litRPG books…

LitRPG Guide

LitRPG is a very new genre, the term only being coined in 2013. As such, it doesn’t have an official category on Amazon, and unlike grimdark, I don’t think it has enough mainstream support that it will get one. However, you will find plenty of self-published fantasy books with litRPG as part of their title or subtitle. It’s a sought after keyword, and you’ll find litRPG titles in high spots of other fantasy genre’s